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06/02/2018 · call wake_up_interruptible cost strange thing. Reply. Follow. Hello, I write a driver on tx2, using interrupt to let user know that transmission done is done.When it get an interrupt, it would use wake_up_interruptible to wake up a queue, which is poll_wait in.poll function. I'm having a hard time figuring out how exactly these functions work and how to use them together. For example, when does the CONDITION get checked? Does wait_event_interruptible continuously poll, or does it only recheck the condition when wake_up_all is called? This explanation is a little unclear.

wake_up_interruptible&rtc_wait; So, the interrupt handler obtains the data by reading from some device-specific I/O port CMOS_READ macro turns into a couple outb/inb and then wakes up whoever is sleeping on the rtc_wait wait queue. Now, the read2 system call could be implemented as. 1. process에 할당되는 시간 kernel 2.6 - 0.001 초 kernel 2.4 - 0.01초 2. process의 sleep - process는 자신에게.

When the poll call completes, the poll_table structure is deallocated, and all wait queue entries previously added to the poll table if any are removed from the table and their wait queues. Actually, things are somewhat more complex than depicted here, because the poll table is not a simple array but rather a set of one or more pages, each hosting an array. 18/02/2013 · include void wake_up_interruptible wait_queue_head_t q; 说明: 唤醒 q 指定的注册在等待队列上的进程。该函数不能直接的立即唤醒进程,而是由调度程序. 06/11/2012 · 1.准备充分,我这次找工作准备的特别不充分,可以说在第一次面试的时候都没正真意义的准备过什么,在第一周的时候基本都是打酱油,所以准备是必须的,我总结了大概有几点需要的。. Linuxカーネル上で動作するプロセスの状態は、大きく分けて2つある。1つは実行可能状態で、もう1つは待機状態(休止状態)だ。ここでは待機.

Note that you should return POLLIN POLLRDNORM if you have some new data to read, and 0 in case there is no new data to read poll call timed-out. See man 2 poll for details. Notify your waitqueue once you have new data: wake_up_interruptible & fortune_wait. wake_up: interruptible シグナル受信可状態で事象待ちのプロセスを1. この仕組みはselectシステムコールやpollシステムコールの実現に利用しています。 1.7.3 そのほかの待機/.

Can anyone provide me the difference between these two calls poll_wait and interruptible_sleep_on. I'm confused between the usage of two. Also, it would be much better if you can let me know how shall I implement the poll function in a driver. Does the poll_wait puts the process in the sleep mode? I don't have to poll for read or write methods.

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